Many people want to CHANGE their financial situation but aren’t willing to CHANGE their choices … and this ultimately, CHANGES nothing.
~ MJ DeMarco

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  1. Chris Alta

    Great quote MJ. I recently just started following you, I’m actually going to go read your book tomorrow. I’m a 21 year young guy ready to change his circumstances.

    I’ve been trying to reach you via email or personal facebook message but I just can’t seem to do so, so I figured the best way to contact you would be here on your website!(noticed you didn’t have a contact page)

    I know you’re busy since you’ve been busy with the book release and but when you have some free time I’d love to get a quick interview with you. Your YouTube videos are just the REAL DEAL.

    They don’t have that many views but the people who have come across them and viewed them I’m sure have definitely been impacted for the better, I know I have so thanks for that.

    So yeah when you get some free time let’s make something happen in the near future! Cheers!

    -Chris Alta

    oh you can reach me at my website via

    thanks again MJ!

  2. y

    MJ, over where i live, money is everything to unlocking my dreams. i wanna own a B&B hostel but i need money for that. I wanna run my own restaurant, but i need money for rent and overheads. how should i go about this if money seems to be the biggest obstacle? i dun come from a rich background and i dun have rich frens. wat can i do to get out of this.

  3. Jon Godfrey

    That’s a great quote – indeed to change our results, we must change something – this could be thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, habits, etc. I just ordered your book today, and am looking forward to reading it and taking action.
    Best, Jon


    I am reading your book and will be finishing perhaps today. I am intrigued with your approach and nuggets of wisdom. The first thing i did is analyze my portfolio….and you are so right, the interest is so insignificant and your book is a real eye opener. I am easing the bank’s way to fast lane freedom while I quietly stay on the slowest lane! I am sharing your ideas to friends, family and patients by encouraging them to buy your book of wealth and wisdom. Yes, I too am clearing your path to the fastest lane but will put myself in a position to be in the same lane as well.
    Thank you for this book!

  5. Jason Rasset

    Speaking of change, I heard you recently discuss changing the cover of your book. I hope that you don’t change it. It is getting noticed right? It works. What’s that saying? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I don’t think that many people are. The ones who let you know actually liked the book. It serves a purpose that you tell well. I hope it works even better if You do change it but it is not too shabby the way it is.

  6. Mary

    Great book MJ! Really inspirational and very well written. I am currently working on a website design and content reflecting a focus I am passionate about. It has taken months to get to even the foundational point but really worth it. Also learning about compound interest rates, ETFs, and calls &puts! Hope all is well with you. Take care.


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