Financial Plans…

A financial plan that relies on the stock market, relies on hope.
A financial plan that relies on frugality, relies on mediocrity.
A financial plan that relies on a job, relies on time.
A financial plan that relies on yourself, relies on you.

~ MJ DeMarco

4 thoughts on “Financial Plans…


    Respected Sir,
    Your book was an eye-opener…drilling the bucket and pipeline theory in my head as never before..we as humans focus on the individual before us not on the journey of the individual to us…Thanks for wonderful teachings…Gratitude is the best attitude they say…Best of luck for all future endeavours…Regards,

  2. Craig A Walford


    I Was browsing the web to find a book that related to millionaires and what their teachings would be.
    Hence I came across your book and ordered it.
    4 weeks later I have decided to quit my Engineering job and get on the fast track path.
    Although I am very self driven person ever since I was a kid, I have been self driven for Oil and Gas Engineering companies and still living the day to day life without financial freedom and control.
    Your book has shifted my energy into another mindset to take the risk and live with the dream.The dream to be in control of my life and invent a knew need for the masses.
    Everything else I have focused on achieving in my life I have risen above, a degree and moving up the ladder with my career has happened.
    It’s time to channel that mind set into the fast lane!

    Your book is excellent and I plan on parking my future Lamborghini next to yours one day and shake your hand for your great book and inspiration.

    Craig A Walford


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