Friday Friday!

“If you’re thanking God it’s Friday, maybe you should take a closer look at your Monday through Thursday to determine why those days are so awful that only Friday needs a God’s thanking?” ~MJ DeMarco

4 thoughts on “Friday Friday!

  1. Julie

    I completely agree with this. Whatever kind of day you get, there should always be something that you’re thankful to God for. Even if it is just the fact that he gave you another day to live. Take a look at Mon-Thurs to see if there is anything you need to be changing in your life.

  2. John

    Agreed as well.. When co-workers say “It’s Friday!!” or “Have a good weekend” I am waiting for quitting time.. But as I’m exiting my office, I begin to think about the weekend and how pointless these statements are since I’m just going to be back at my desk in a few days. I find that Monday through Thursday are more of a Normal “daily grind” mentality while weekends are considered a reward somehow? Even Sunday is depressing because you know you have to be back next morning, which means preparing lunch and sleeping early since you partied during Friday and Saturday. Which is why everyone is sleepy on Monday because Sunday night is the one night that everyone is extra tired and want Good sleep, but they cant cause the Body didn’t get enough and everyone knows it come Monday morning..

    I guess thats why everyone loves calling in sick just to sleep in longer..oy..

  3. Jetro

    Wow very true. Currently reading TMF now, amazing material and very truthful words. You shined light on dark areas for me. Thanks

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