2 thoughts on “Not everyone can handle the truth…

  1. FB

    Hands down the best book I have read on business, life, wealth and how to get it. The writing is lucid, logical, clear, motivating. It holds nothing back – no snake oil or magic mirrors here. It is a refreshing blunt rejection of what we commonly believe creates wealth in our lives.

    At many points while reading this book, I felt like the action floodgates have busted open. Most of my life I’ve been one of the “Slowlaners” described in the book. I’m so glad MJ has pointed out this sickening, anemic paradigm of Slowlanership that afflicts most well-meaning people into a life of pedestrian indolence.

    I’ve just finished reading it once. I will read the whole thing again and again and again. Felt like the very first chapter was me writing to myself from the future! 😀

    Thanks for this gift of a book, MJ. It has helped galvanize me into true, unfettered ACTION!

  2. Jay McHugh

    Great content…easy read….awesome examples….a must read for everyone…whether you agree or disagree, a refreshing example of an author speaking from the heart instead of speaking from the cash register….

    Love it man……


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