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  1. TRAN

    Hello MJ,
    I bought your ebook on amazon and I’m on page 121. I do not quite understand how you came across the figure of 14,400 dollars with a gain of $ 4 per customer?
    Because for me 13% of 12,000 Clients are: 1560 clients.
    If I divide 14 400 dollars per 30 days, I get: $ 480
    And if I divide $ 480 by 1560 customers, I get: 3.25 dollars and not $ 4 ….
    Thank you in advance for your answer.
    France (Paris)

  2. Gina Reyna

    Hi MJ,

    I came across a podcast with you when I was writing my book ‘How to be a Professional Makeup Artist – A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners’. What resonated with me so much is the fact that you said you were commited to working in a tiny apartment while you could hear people partying outside. I dedicated the same effort while people were bragging about going out or shopping. I thought to myself, I’d rather invest my time now to build something of value than participate in mediocre activities.

    I’m now proud to say I finished the book. Although it was something personal to me, it does follow the guidelines of “who cares about what I want, does it provide value to others?”. Honestly that is the fundamentals of business, any business, no matter what you selling (product or service). Now that I’ve instilled that kind of mindset, I truly understand when people say, you get what you want by helping others get what they want…

    I thank you for the knowledge you’ve shared with the world. You’ve helped to enrich my life greatly!

    With kind regards,

    Gina M. Reyna

    1. Alfian

      Having known MJ personally trgouhh the Fastlane Forum and reading thus cover to cover twice, I can vouch for the message in the book!Thanks to MJ’s anti-guru guidance I am well on my way to the Fastlane myself and always remind others of the most important part of the book- The NECST Principle, something every business needs to live by in order to thrive!

  3. T. Patterson


    I love this image! Thanks for this, I love your nonsense approach. I read your book and will definitely re-read and re-read again. I want to know more about what you are doing? Please add me to your email list for future events, books, programs, whatever.

    True fan and student of your work,
    T. Patterson


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