The Sky’s the Limit


In the Fastlane, the sky’s the limit but ultimately you have to be willing to start on the ground.
~ MJ DeMarco


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  1. Hi MJ

    I bought your book some weeks ago, because I listen to you in the Pat Flynn podcast.
    I have read several books about riches so far, so I thought it will be hard to find a better book than *The Science of Getting Rich* or *The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind*, but to my surprise, your book was even better than those.

    I have only advanced 20% in reading your book, but I can tell you that I like your honest style very much. I’m from Mexico, and I can’t actually understand some of the English slang, but the Principles you teach in your book make much sense to me. I yet need to try them for myself, to know if they are right, but I have the feeling that they are so true.

    I just want to say thank you. You have inspired me so far to start a new project that I hope it will be a very good one.

    I will be very happy to buy your next book too.

    Best Regards

    Jesus Guerrero Jimenez

  2. Carlo says:

    Hi MJ

    I’m currently reading your book right now I would say I’m very grateful and lucky because at a young age(20 years old) my outlook in life and money suddenly change and it all thanks you

  3. Arun says:

    Hi MJ,

    Thank you.

    It was wonderful reading your book.Great insights that i gained while reading it.

    I had 2 questions..

    In the chapter”Give your road a destination”you talk of setting targets for the defined lifestyle.
    1)Money System Target- Netliving cost/0.05.How is the yield known.Does it change from year to year..?
    2)Business system target- You multiply gross living cost by 5(Why 5?)

    Please explain.

    Thank you.

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