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The Millionaire Fastlane – Release Date!

Finally, a release date for The Millionaire Fastlane

On sale pre-release date, Nov 9th, 2010.  Official release date Jan 4th, 2011.

You can pre-order at Amazon.

Or via the publisher, Viperion Publishing.

If you want to receive an advanced copy before release, you have to be on my advanced copy guest list and you must sign up by next Friday! (Oct 22th)  After Oct 22th, this option will not be offered so get your butt on over there!

The guest list is here at the bottom of the page, and your invitation will include a discount code to get the book under retail.   For those on the guest list, you will receive an email with ordering instructions sometime in mid-October.

If you’re on the fence about my book and if it is for you, you can download the first 40 pages here,  hit the Fastlane Forum or Fastlane Entrepreneurs to learn more.



What Is Up With the Lambos?!

Why is the Lamborghini brand significant to the Fastlane brand?  First, the Fastlane was born by a chance encounter I had with a stranger in a Lamborghini years ago.  The Fastlane was birthed from a Lamborghini, specifically, the Lamborghini Countach from the 80’s movie hit Cannonball Run.  Second, the Lamborghini represents a fulfillment of a prophecy in my life and a symbol to an achievement that I envisioned decades ago when I first started my entrepreneurial journey.   While I fully understand that cars and “stuff” don’t hold much significance for a lot of people, it’s safe to say that the Fastlane would not exist if it wasn’t for this crazy brand of a car!

You can read the story here.