The Sky’s the Limit


In the Fastlane, the sky’s the limit but ultimately you have to be willing to start on the ground.
~ MJ DeMarco


Action, Success, Luck

ACTION skews the probabilities of SUCCESS which others mistake as LUCK.

They are all related!

If you want to get lucky, start taking action!


It Is Always Being Done, Do it Better!

Entrepreneurs do it better!

Entrepreneurs Do It Better!


Misery vs Happiness

Misery is the rotting decomposition of a dead dream. Happiness is the breath of one that’s alive.” ~ MJ DeMarco


Friday Friday!

“If you’re thanking God it’s Friday, maybe you should take a closer look at your Monday through Thursday to determine why those days are so awful that only Friday needs a God’s thanking?” ~MJ DeMarco


Financial Plans…

A financial plan that relies on the stock market, relies on hope.
A financial plan that relies on frugality, relies on mediocrity.
A financial plan that relies on a job, relies on time.
A financial plan that relies on yourself, relies on you.

~ MJ DeMarco



Many people want to CHANGE their financial situation but aren’t willing to CHANGE their choices … and this ultimately, CHANGES nothing.
~ MJ DeMarco


On Success…

The sweat of success is failure … if you’re not willing to get wet, you’re not willing to succeed!

~ MJ DeMarco


On Failure…

I’d rather live in regret of failure than in regret of never trying.

~MJ DeMarco


On Insanity…

The ultimate definition of insanity is to prostitute your Monday through Friday for the paycheck of Saturday and Sunday.

~ MJ DeMarco