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Yes, I do speaking engagements on the topics of entrepreneurship, marketing, publishing, and finance!    Unfortunately, I’m probably not a good choice to speak at your corporate function, unless that is, your objective is to have your entire workforce quit their *bleeping* job!  Email me for availability and rates, or for interviews, podcasts, or anything else “Fastlane”!

2 thoughts on “Speaking Engagements

  1. Moe Abdou

    Hi MJ….
    Brilliant Book and perfect portrait of your journey!

    I’m writing to you because we’d love to feature you and your work on one of our upcoming ‘Think Together’ podcasts.  It’s a 15 minute conversation where we explore with you the 10 questions foremost on the minds of our community of entrepreneurs.

    33voices exists to ignite the ambition of entrepreneurs, help them grow as people, and connect them to the very best thinking and thinkers on the planet. Your message is a spark to the world, and as such, we’ve endorsed your book with high praise.

    We’d love to keep your ideas moving. Pls let me know your thoughts.


  2. robin sharma

    Hi MJ. i read Millionaire Fastlane and LOVED it. would like to connect as i have some ideas on how we can do some great things together. i’m also an author (“The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” “The Leader Who Had No Title”, 7,000,000 books sold (but not a guru! :)/building a massive global community. my best


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