Fact: Your system is more important than your effort.

Written by: MJ DEMARCO

The most important concept for obtaining financial freedom has nothing to do with your effort. Take note as I tweeted this, posted it in the Telegram Group, the forum, and here as the newsletter.

Let me repeat: YOUR SYSTEM is more important than your EFFORT.

I realize that might be controversial, but it isn’t when you consider that the fastest man on earth is NOTHING when hindered by a poor system.

The most powerful factor in wealth creation has nothing to do with motivation.

It has nothing to do with effort, persistence, discipline, or the usual suspects commonly pushed.

While these help, the most important thing is likely something you never considered.

It’s this…

The most powerful tool for wealth creation is within the SYSTEM you put yourself in. Your choices dictate the system.

For example, if you elect to get a job as an electrician, that’s a system.

A doctor? A system.

A cashier? It’s a system.

Nurse? You’ve given yourself a system.

Likewise, electing to be an entrepreneur also endows you with a system.

Starting a sandwich shop on the corner? System.

Starting a software company? System.

Joining an MLM to sell overpriced goods and far-fetched fantasies? System.

Starting a YouTube channel? System.

Self-endowed systems go beyond jobs and business. An aspiring actor is part of a system. Artists. If you become a politician and are elected, congratulations; you’re now part of a system. Enter office with a net worth of $1M, leave 15 years later with $250M.

Ultimately, the SYSTEM determines how your EFFORT, motivation, and discipline compounds into momentum, or lack of it. The SYSTEM determines if you have access to asymmetrical leverage–which creates wealth- or no leverage at all.

What leverage does your system offer? Or does it?

system vs effort

The best analogy of the SYSTEM/EFFORT Concept is equate your system to a vehicle.

Many jobs are like a tricycle.

If you throw Usain Bolt on a tricycle, you’d beat him in a race. Did he suddenly get slow? No, the problem is a poor system suddenly marginalizes his EFFORT.

So many people work harder and longer than myself. And they’re more talented. Their work ethic isn’t the issue; it’s that the system they’ve adopted hinders their effort.

Want to get paid what you’re worth? Change your damn system and get off the tricycle.

This is why Fastlane Entrepreneurship is the most potent SYSTEM; it’s a system swap where your effort compounds and gives asymmetrical leverage a chance. A great effort in the JOB SYSTEM gives you a 4% raise. A great effort in a BIZ SYSTEM gives you a 4000% raise.

SYSTEM > EFFORT > MOMENTUM (via Compounding)

Choose wisely.

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MJ DeMarco

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