How a simple $2 “life-hack” can make the difference between health or wealth.

Written by: MJ DEMARCO

I had this nagging itch on the instep of my foot a couple months ago. It got so bad that it started affecting my sleep and work. I scratched the hell out of it to the point it got calloused. Still, the itch remained and continued for months. After trying the usual modalities to rid me of this itch, like antifungals or hydrocortisone, I started testing other treatments.

Was it food related?

Was it nerve related?

Was it poor posture?

I tried various things, like a food-elimination diet, acupressure, lymphatic massage, and a bevy of strategies that might impact this nagging issue.About 3 weeks later, the itch was gone. While I didn’t discover the cause, I did find a strategy that lessened the itch and ultimately eliminated it. And it was all made possible by a lifestyle strategy you can deploy with just a few bucks: a health journal.


I keep a tiny notebook (3×4 inch) where I journal everything related to my health. You can find these at any department store for around $2. I recommend having a physical paper journal, not a digital archive, on your smartphone. Pencil and paper are very deliberative and access a different part of your brain. 

What goes into this journal, and how did I discover the solution for my itch? Well, I use this journal as if I were conducting experiments. Over the years, this journal has made me healthier and happier. It has uncovered some remarkable things about my life simply because I chose to document it.

I’ve discovered some remarkable things about my life simply because I chose to deliberately document it. 

For example, if I had a phenomenal sleep the night before, I’d record what I did and what I didn’t do.

Did I eat something sugary? 

If so, what? 

Did I use the hot tub or the infrared sauna a few hours before bed? 

Did I have a cigar? 

Thanks to this journal, I discovered that I couldn’t take a hot bath, a hot tub, or an infrared sauna too close to bedtime; otherwise, it would impact my sleep negatively. 

I also discovered that having any sugar before bed created horrible nightmares. 

The end result? 

Better health.

Better sleep. 

Better dreams.

Better performance in life.

Similarly, I have a medical cannabis prescription I use to help me with joint pain after gym workouts. (I’m over 50 now, so I’m no longer a spring chicken!) and I use this journal to document my body’s reaction to certain cannabis strains. Did it help with pain? How did it affect my sleep? Did it make me paranoid or help with writing?

Also, use this journal to record food-related reactions. Do you get terrible acid reflux after eating a vegan pizza with fake pepperoni? Falling asleep after a sushi lunch? Document it and adjust.

Key point: this journal aims to help you discover what activities, methods, behaviors, and foods keep you in optimal (or sub-optimal) conditions.

Health is wealth.


And a simple $2 investment can do light-years for your well-being.

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PS: Regular twice-a-day use of an acupressure mat* helped me ultimately rid myself of my terrible itch. On some days that this itch was so bad, I dabbled in knives and pins for relief! Anyway, the itch was less intense on days when I used the acupressure mat. After about 10 days, it was completely gone!

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