Still no upsells, nothing more to buy…

Written by: MJ DEMARCO

It was many years ago when I was a raw 20 year old, but I still remember the anger and frustration I felt after being shamed by gurus and seminar hustlers because I couldn’t afford their big-ticket, high pressure upsell. I was guilted into believing that I “wasn’t serious about wealth” because I didn’t want to charge and max out my credit cards for a $4000 weekend seminar.

After 30 years I see nothing has changed.

This unnerving experience is part of what motivates me today. Hopefully I can make a small difference and save several from some ruinous financial decisions while also creating some baby-billionaires ($10M+) along the way.

Please feel free to share if you’ve been lectured and shamed that “you’re not serious about financial freedom” because you didn’t want to pony up 3-, 4-, or 5-figures for some training program, seminar, or masterclass.

Learning how to make a fortune shouldn’t cost a fortune.

~ MJ DeMarco

mj demarco, learning how to make a fortune shouldn't cost a fortune.

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