The Ultimate Scripted Truth: Super Bowl Ads Only Promote Obesity, Sickness, & Disease.

Written by: MJ DEMARCO

Did you watch the 2024 Super Bowl? If you did, the Super Bowl ads were a MASTERCLASS in Scripted programming which wants to normalize destructive behavior—behavior that will make you the perfect lifetime customer for your big pharmaceutical conglomerate.

Here’s a list of all the Super-Bowl commercials that involved a product you can eat or drink…

** Pringles potato chips (Nothing like potato chips with 4,103 ingredients listed!)
** Lindt chocolate
** M&Ms
** Mountain Dew (40g of sugar not enough, here’s a 4 days worth of caffeine!)
** Popeye’s Chicken (Murderous, factory farmed trash)
** Nerds Candy
** Oreo Cookies (But they’re vegan!)
** Mayonnaise (Mmmm inflammatory dairy!)
** Doritos
** Bud Light (I’d rather drink urine from my golden retriever)
** Michelob Ultra (The athlete’s choice, eh?)
** Reese Peanut Butter Cups
** Coors Light
** Starry Soda (Nothing like 39g of sugar in one sitting)
** Dunkin Donuts (What an awesome FASTLANE to diabetes!)
** Poppi Soda (Healthy soda? Sure, right after I smoke my healthy cigarette!)

Consuming every single one of these products will contribute to shortening your life, or will contribute to sickness and disease.

And then ironically, throw in a Pfizer commercial who will happily help medicate you, and manage the disease you self-inflicted.

Living UNSCRIPTED means living outside of your media and culture despite its attempts at normalizing destructive behavior.

There has never been a better example of the programmatic duress one faces when trying to live uniquely, and in the “1%” in terms of health and wealth.

What a time we live in.

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MJ DeMarco, Entrepreneur and Author

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