Has your life become unrecognizable?

Written by: MJ DEMARCO

Is your life unrecognizable compared to 6 years ago?

Going forward, what’s your likely destination? Joy, or regret?

Has life become unrecognizable?

If it isn’t, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals and your strategy.

Six years is enough time to totally transform your life.

  • In six years, you can become a piano maestro.
  • In six years you can get so good at your sport you can make it to an Olympic games.
  • In six years, you can start with nothing and build a 7,8, or 9 figure empire. People on the forum have literally done this. Hereherehereherehere, and here — and most of them didn’t need 6 years. (The last 2 are INSIDER threads, subscription required)
  • In six years, you can go from a nobody to an influencer with a gazillion followers and earn $2,000 for a 15-second plug. James Jani literally chronicled his YouTube start on the forum and now boasts nearly 2,000,000 followers. (He barely needed 4 years!)

Or, in six years, you can look back and realize that you haven’t done a damn thing other than hope, pray, and wait for all the cards to fall your way.

I bring this up because I mentioned a crypto thread on the forum last week which was started 6 years ago. November 8th, 2017, to be exact. And now, with Bitcoin reclaiming yearly highs and earning back a portion of the 75% it lost the last 3 years, people like to proudly boast about their gains, while (likely) nothing else has changed in their life.

In reviewing that thread, I saw a lot of starry-eyed “investors” looking to get rich, and when BTC rises, people boldly proclaim their WINS, but oddly, disappear when it LOSES. Six short years have passed, and there are still people in that thread “waiting” for their big break.

184 pages of hope.

312 weeks of waiting.

2,190 days of praying.

Others have simply disappeared, their dreams of a better life likely dead with their crypto investments.

They are still waiting and hoping. And they will continue to wait and hope. Sadly, in all that time sitting around, they could have already accomplished miraculous things.

Six years holds an immense potential for transformation and profound personal or professional metamorphosis. Six years ago, you probably never heard of Alex Hormozi, or Mr. Beast, or Emma Chamberlain, or Sam Parr, or the companies that emerged: Figma, ConvertKit, Morning Brew, Canva, or Notion.

Six years can be a period of monumental change or growth.

Or a period of terrible waste.

Either way, TIME WILL PASS. 

It waits for no one.

So why not JUST DO IT and put that time to use and create something memorable and life changing?

Question is, what will your next 6-years hold? Staggering change? Or will your best win of those six years be the $15,000 in gains you proudly made in Bitcoin, notwithstanding the inflationary purchasing power you lost in those 6 years?

Sure, investment gains of $15K is a win.

Waiting around 6 years for it, while nothing else in your life has changed?

Not a win.

The years will pass, irrespective of your choices. The question then becomes not if time will elapse but how you will utilize it so your future time won’t be consumed by regret? 

Will it be a testament to your potential, a chronicle of dreams realized, or a reminder of chances not taken?

As I wrote in The Great Rat Race Escape, the canvas is blank, and the brush is in your hands. Will you paint a masterpiece of personal and professional fulfillment, or will the canvas remain untouched? 

Don’t let another 6 years go by waiting, hoping, and praying.


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MJ DeMarco

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