Getting Rich; How to Really Do It; I Wish I Saw This When I Was 20.

For years, the idea of getting rich seemed impossible. When I was trying to figure things out, I wish someone showed me *THIS* when I was 20.

Back then, I thought becoming a millionaire, or better, 8-figure+ multimillionaire, is was just a fantasy. A task that felt extremely out of reach.

When I shifted my perspective from YEARS to DAYS, and YEARS to UNITS, everything changed.

These four charts below are the most profound understanding you can give your future self. If only someone had given me these charts as a kid—they prove amassing wealth quickly is surprisingly straightforward.

Getting rich need not take decades…

Getting rich, or wealth, is always perceived as a climb to Mt. Everest. But what if it was only just a daily walk in the park?

It becomes simplified when you break down wealth accumulation down to the day—sell something 50 times a day for only 5 years. Lessor goals are even easier—a millionaire is just 9 units daily for 3 years. 

Getting rich: Number of units to sell to reach $1 million
Getting rich: Number of units to sell daily to reach $1M
Getting rich: Number of units to sell to reach $5 million
Getting rich: Number of units to sell daily to reach $5M
Getting rich: Number of units to sell to reach $10 million
Getting rich: Number of units to sell daily to reach $10M

Better, none of this includes your company valuation, which is just icing on the cake. You’re getting paid to build a financial fortress on top of your income.

If you’re selling Y, X times per day, your company is likely worth 7 figures or more.

Think about that.

Your business effort not only COMPOUNDS in income potential per these charts, but also in asset valuation. If you company earns $250K per year, it is likely worth. In other words, your effort is reward an asset valuation, on top of the income earned. It’s like getting paid a bonus for getting rich.

As for what to sell X times per day, that also has been complicated to the Nth degree. 

Look at this Etsy seller.

They’re not from Silicon Valley; they’re not tech wizards flush with VC funding. They’re not spending 3 years learning how to code.

They sell a product for $120 (now on sale), and with 13,000 reviews, they consistently sell.

If only 5% of their customers left reviews, we’re talking about 260,000 units sold.

That’s not just a number.

That’s a masterclass in reaching your financial dreams, one sale at a time. If they earn $10 profit on each board (it likely is more) they have created $2,600,000 in real wealth. And their business is likely worth $1,000,000 or more.


You sell 10 things a day for 3 years. Need something simple to remember?

Sell X daily at Y profit for Z years.


Or you can work until you are 87 years old and hope for 8% portfolio growth, all while avoiding inflation, stock market crashes, and other economic calamities. Look at this chart below. UNITS and DAYS versus YEARS and SAVINGS RATE.

Staying poor: Number of YEARS needed to reach $10 million
Getting rich: Number of years to invest monthly to reach $10M

When you compare these financial strategies for wealth accumulation, the comparison is laughable. It’s comparing an Elon Musk rocket to a 3-year-old’s tricycle.

There never has been an easier choice. And never a better option to free yourself from the tyranny of work, invest, wait, hope, and pray.

I hope you enjoyed these charts and, one day, you witness precisely what they represent. Feel free to share them.

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MJ DeMarco, Entrepreneur and Author

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