Rate My Business Idea with MJ DeMarco’s Grade My Business Idea

Introducing—Grade My Business Idea—a website tool that will instantly grade and rate your business ideas in accordance to a weighted CENTS Framework whereas NEED and SCALE is most important, plus a MARKET ACCESS variable. (If you can’t reach a market with a message, do you have a market??)

Grade My Business Idea: Business Ideas and Opportunities Rated Fast

rate my business idea

I thought it was about time I created a grading tool with properly weighted metrics to determine the value of potential business ideas. Now anytime someone at the forum comes forward with an idea, I (we) can easily use this tool for dynamic grading. The tool specifies strengths, weaknesses, and puts the idea in perspective of the execution multiplier scale which I detailed at the end of The Millionaire Fastlane.


So moving forward, ANYONE can have their ideas rated and graded according to my CENTS Framework, and they don’t need to ask me personally! It’s all there for you to review, assuming you’re honest with your answers.


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